Ever have issues with your Financial Advisor or Rookie Banker who is trying to sell you Mutual Funds they have no clue about? Ya… us too. We worked in the investment industry for over 10 years and boy’o’boy do we have horror stories. It’s what compelled us to start investing in Trove.

Free Money

Get $100 when you open an account.

No joke.


Learn how to maximize your investments and actually plan for the future.


Make smart investments with a single click right from your smartphone.


Beat the Benchmark

The general Stock Market is often used as a Benchmark to compare the overall performance of a portfolio. Our goal is to help you outperform that Benchmark.


How it works?

Invest any amount you’d like in our base fund and from time to time our app will send you trade recommendations based on your goals. You simply accept or reject the recommendation after reading a short investment rationale so you can judge whether you’d like to make the trade.

The final decision is up to you but if you have more questions you can speak with an Investment Advisor immediately.


How much does this cost?

Investing with TROVE costs an annual fee of 1.00% +HST.

So on a $10,000 investment your fees will be $100 plus $13 of HST for a total of $113. No hidden fees or surprises. The fee ensures we are rewarded in-line for making trades in your best interest with no compromises.


Performance Comparisons (%)

Trove enables our Clients to customize their investments while having a team of professionals dish up fresh investment ideas that our Client’s can choose to accept or reject.

Gamification / Reward (get $100 for opening an account bc we can leverage it)

Education / Habit Forming



Investor Experience/Service