Leadership has little to do with personality and even less to do with charisma.  Leadership is measured by accountability and results.

Nick Pollice

Nick is a consultant and management coach, he has the ability to affect significant and lasting improvements in corporate strategies as well as personal and professional growth strategies, by aiding in the transformation of corporate culture.  He has been a professional consultant, presenter and facilitator since 1986 and has practically and realistically helpd over ten thousand employees, from public and private sector North American organizations in the art of operations management, conflict resolution and leadership.  

During a twenty-five year career in industry, twenty of which were invested in the food industry, Nick has held senior positions in Industrial Engineering, Operations Management, Logistics, Organizational Development, Health & Safety and Human Resources.

Working closely with QS-, ISO- and HACCP-compliant clients, Nick has dedicated the past fifteen years of his professional consulting career to building skills in organizations that produce results while aligning people strengths with corporate desires.